Tips that work magic for your LinkedIn profile!!!

Ever wondered…

What will add value to your profile?

What will highlight your top skills?

What will attract recruiters to your profile?

If these questions bug you then, this blog is for you!

Here are some tips for all the Engineers to give an edge to their LinkedIn profiles.

Let’s start from the top!

1. Mention your top skills in the headline

The skills mentioned in the above image varies from person to person. A profile’s headline in such a format will catch the recruiter’s eyes.

You will appear at the top of a recruiter’s search when their typed words will match with the skills mentioned in your headline.This will make your profile more searchable.

2. The “About” Section.

In this section, you have to start with an introduction which contains relevant information about your professional background.

Followed by your skill set in an arranged fashion.

For example —

This will a bird’s eye view to the viewer into your profile and give them clear understanding about you and skill-set without even letting them open your resume.

3. The “Experience” Column

Add your experiences in a chronological order, starting with the latest and add the number of years or months accurately. Also, add a brief description of responsibilities in a short and organised way.

For reference —

In the above image, you can see the designation, company name and tenure is clearly mentioned.

By doing this, the viewer will get a clear idea about your responsibilities and the tools and skills used by you in your work term. This will add content to your profile and also value to it.

4. “Skills and endorsements” section

Add your top skills in this column, starting from your strongest skills and followed by other. Endorsements play a great role in adding value to your profile. People endorsing your skills provide validation and ensure the viewers about the same.

For example -

5.Be honest.

Lastly,everyone knows that honesty is the best policy. It’ll be very disappointing for a viewer or recruiter if he finds that you don’t possess the skills that you have mentioned in your profile.

Often, searches are done based on keywords and key skills. Therefore, by grooming your profile in this style you will be one step closer in landing your dream job and you will also make it easy for a recruiter to find you!