Why you should hire your next Remote Developer from UpSkillie?

Why you should hire your next Remote Developer from UpSkillie?

At UpSkillie we run a developer school where we train Javascript developers for remote work. Our program is dedicated to honing technical skills & the development of soft skills relevant to distributed teams.

We screen and vet our developer candidates by a face to face interview and coding assignments so that you already find the best pool of candidates.

Why our developers will be great hires for your teams?

  1. They will be effective communicators in your team & amazing writers which is a much-needed skill in distributed teams. They learned technical writing with us and as a result written various technical articles on our blog.
  2. They will be critical thinkersin your team and not just a sheep who follow the herd. Our program has trained them in critical thinking & research through applications in a comparative analysis of technologies.
  3. You won’t have to worry about your teammates procrastinating or facing burnout. Being taught about managing mental health in remote work & practical tips on dealing with procrastination through behavioral psychology principles.
  4. They are already familiar with Remote collaboration infrastructure and security practices while working remotely. They have already worked in a distributed environment.
  5. They will always be over-communicating. Our program focuses on Async communication in a distributed async environment with a focus on over-communication, relationships & trust building, non-violent communication etc.

As part of their curriculum vitae, our trained developers have

  1. Video Resume
  2. Technical Articles
  3. Live project demos & open-sourced projects.

They have also contributed to open source projects and will continue to do so.

If you would like to know more about our program feel free to write to us at hello@upskillie.com