10 Companies that sponsor work visa for Dublin - Part 2

Welcome back to part 2 of the list of companies that sponsor visas for Dublin. Previously we covered 5 companies that sponsor work visas for their employees in Dublin. Now we will have a look at the rest of the companies.

Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect is an IT services and IT consult company based in Atlanta. It specializes in Telematics, Fleet Management, GPS Vehicle Tracking, GPS Fleetmatics, and a lot more. It has a total employee base of around 1000 to 5000 employees and it is expanded into various countries including Dublin. It invites a lot of international candidates to Dublin by sponsoring their work Visas for Dublin.


Founded in 2004 as a blog hosting service by Anthony Casalena, Squarespace is a website building company. It has its HQ in New York City, this American-based company has many offices around the globe. It has more than 1,640 employees and is always looking for new and fresh talent. That is why it provides visas for international employees for its Dublin office. This will not only ease the burden of employees shifting abroad but will also help the company pick out the best team from all over the world.


Founded in 2010 DataDog is a world-renowned company in the sector of System Monitoring. It was founded by Olivier Pomel and has its HQ in New York, USA. Though its roots are American, DataDog has its different European offices as well. It has its Dublin office where it invites various international talent by helping them with their Visa.


Founded in 2005 Etsy is a leading American E-Commerce brand with a focus on vintage items and craft supplies. Etsy was founded by Robert Kalin Chris Maguire Haim Schoppik and Jared Tarbell. It has its HQ in Brooklyn, New York, the U.S. As of December 2021 Etsy has 2,402 employees all around. This American company has various branches, one of them being in Dublin. The Dublin office is very welcoming as they support work visas for employees coming to work in Dublin.


And here comes the showstopper Meta. Meta (formerly known as Facebook) is a well-known tech giant. Almost every developer wants to work for Meta. Though it is highly competitive to get in, Meta welcomes candidates from all around the world for its different offices Dublin is also on the list. Meta support work visas for international employees coming to work for it in Dublin.

And that brings us to the end. With these companies supporting visas for their employees, international hiring has been a lot easier. But what if you are looking to move to Berlin instead of Dublin? Well here's the list of companies supporting visas for Berlin.