Did you ever have to appear for an interview underprepared?

I remember feeling nervous every time I had an interview. I was always confused about what should I prepare for? Have I prepared enough?

Now I see this frequently with candidates from the other side as a recruiter. Candidates show up underprepared for their technical interviews and complain they just didn't get enough time.

At UpSkillie we often find good candidates losing an opportunity due to under-preparedness. Sometimes we try to give them a second chance, if we feel they can do better next time.

But you don't always get second chances. Right?

Let me narrate a relatable phone conversation:

HR: Hey, your profile has been shortlisted for the technical round. Our interviewer is available at coming Friday at 5 PM. Can I schedule it for you?

You: Ummm Okay.

HR: Are you sure?

You: Yes! (back in the mind you are just thinking it’s too early)

HR: You’ll receive an invite with further information. Good Luck. Have a good day!

You: Yep. Thanks

The story can also go like this:

You: Hi! I wanted to discuss the interview scheduled for Friday.

HR: Yes, please say?

You: Thank you for the opportunity. I am interested to go forward but I will need some time to prepare. I want to give this my best shot.

I don’t want to take a chance here and regret it later. Could you please be kind to postpone the interview?

HR: I made sure to check with you before any confirmation on the timelines. It’s difficult to shift the dates but since I see you are really keen to give this your best shot, I shall do the needful. Please let me know if Tuesday next week would be enough time to prepare?

Candidate: Yes, that would be really helpful. Thanks for understanding.

As you can see, your communication about your need to prepare and earnestness towards the opportunity, can get you the space you'd need to perform at the best.

You need not be reserved about expressing your concerns, and getting dragged into an unprepared interview.

Often all you need to do, is to speak up! A recruiter understand your needs, they are also rooting for your success.

Once you do get the schedule to your liking make sure to show up on time and prepared to your best.

However, don’t consider rescheduling as the option to procrastinate or drag the process. Requesting for a reschedule should be the last resort.